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Swimwear Catalogue
Providers of distinct electronic listening music.

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We've made three discs.

  • Ntunxun, 1995.
  • Fnoprx Boutique, 1997
  • This is Elektronica, 1999

The last one is a compilation where we worked together with a host of other composers and musicians.

You can get the discs from:

Most shops show you a track list, and Barnes&Noble will even play bits of the songs.
We suggest you get This is Elektronica. Even if it's a compilation it's very good. We had our say on almost every track.


Here's the first ever review we received.

  • On Magazine, February 1995:
    "Fly by Night. Denmark's April Records has been putting out some quality releases for a while now with their compilation 'Boredom is Deep and Mysterious' being an excellent starting point. The excellently named Swimwear Catalogue are a three piece - a programmer, an internet freak and a national TV presenter. The music gravitates towards the more faceless end of electronic listening music which some like to describe as 'pure drift' and it does it's job extremely well. Their compositions incorporate a pop sensibility (in a late 90s sense) which undulate and mutate in a structured way. The closing track 'Pow Wow' is a majestic ten minute opus. If only the Top 10 was like this! Last summer's Tripping On Sunshine festival in Denmark set them up and their star is very much in the ascendant."

For more recent ones: check the online stores.

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